Programming for kids and teenagers

Edutech was established in the year 2006 with the aim of teaching programming to kids and teenagers. Ravi Sindhu, a programmer by profession and a Master of Computer Science by degree, felt the need of good programmers in the country. Back then programming was an unknown course of study to many and only a few institutions in India had introduced programming languages to the learners. New programming languages were introduced every now and then and only a few were competent enough to master them. He felt the country needed to learn programming at the earliest in order to make a statement in the programming world. The only town to know programming back then was Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India. Sindhu disliked this very confinement and wanted other towns to be advanced in programming too. Having a good number of batchmates and colleagues in other cities, his dream was not impossible. He consulted them over his idea and started opening small computer learning centres with the main centre established in Delhi. He hired programmers in the other cities where his centres were based and even travelled to some cities where he couldn’t find one. Edutech had good number of learners to whom programming seemed tricky yet fun like mathematics.

Edutech started with teaching fundamental programming languages like BASIC and LOGO and gradually offered advanced courses in C and JAVA. Ravi Sindhu’s dream came to a halt when the government banned the presence of all un-acclaimed institutions. It was a hard time for Sindhu and his team but they were eventually cope with the problem when they gained authorized certification from the government itself and were also allowed to award merit certificates which would be accepted in the portfolio during an interview by any government subsidised company. It was a great comeback for Edutech and with the certification authorization, students got admitted in flocks. He even got dedicated programmers and computer teachers to teach in his institution. By 2009, Edutech had 120 centres all over India teaching programming languages to over 10000 students ranging from ages ten to eighteen.

In 2010, Sindhu introduced programming learning packages for economically backward students who were eager learners but didn’t have the resources to learn. He taught programming languages at a nominal rate and even awarded computers to talented and brilliant students. Edutech was soon a sensation in the world of computer learning and many similar institutions were established after getting inspired by the success of Edutech. Edutech was a common man’s dream to evolve his country. Edutech was left fatherless by the early demise of Ravi Sindhu in 2014 but the man and his vision had become a legend by then. Edutech continues on its journey of teaching programming languages to kids and teenagers and has even tied-up bonds with a few major schools to teach programming to the students on behalf of the school. Ravi Sindhu and his Edutech have been enlisted in the 100 greatest visionaries who transformed India.